Message from the President

The Hokkaido Research Organization (HRO), a local independent administrative
agency, was established in April 2010 by integrating 22 prefectural research institutes
in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, forestry, manufacturing, food, environment,
geology and architecture.

The HRO is now focused on the three fields of food, energy and communities under
the second midterm plan, which began in 2015, and utilizes its accumulated
technologies and expertise while demonstrating its collective strengths in various fields
to promote research on fundamental technologies that enhance the basic value of the
technologies owned by Hokkaido industries and the effectiveness of administrative
policies. It also works toward the practical use of fundamental technologies,
contributing to the improvement of residents' living standards and the promotion of local industries as a
comprehensive research institute in Hokkaido.

Meanwhile, changes in socioeconomic circumstances and revolutionary advancement in scientific technology,
such as the depopulation and aging of the population in Hokkaido at a faster pace than the national averages,
worsening resource/energy problems, rapid development in ICT including IoT and big data, and advancing
globalization, have various effects on the Hokkaido economy and lives of Hokkaido residents.

To timely and appropriately deal with such powerful trends and promote research and development for the future,
we are preparing the third midterm plan, which will begin in FY 2020. While defining the future vision, we will further
strive to conduct high-value research and development that are used for the lives of Hokkaido residents and

Under the fundamental principle that our research realizes new dreams for Hokkaido, we will strive to shape the
future of Hokkaido and develop Hokkaido through research and development. Your continued support for and
cooperation with our efforts will be greatly appreciated.

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