Hokkaido Research Organization

Message from the President

Outline of the Hokkaido Research Organization 

Structure of the HRO

Fundamental principle

Our research realizes new dreams for Hokkaido.
The Hokkaido Research Organization proactively endeavors to realize dreams for the future of Hokkaido as an organization that
contributes to improving Hokkaido residents' lives and promoting industries in Hokkaido.

■ Mission
We contribute to the creation of afuence for Hokkaido residents and the conservation of the natural environment through 
research and technical support leveraging the rich natural surroundings and regional characteristics of Hokkaido.
■ Goals
  To expand Hokkaido's global inuence, we aim to become an organization that is trusted by and fullls the expectations of
Hokkaido residents by providing our collective strengths as a research institute that bridges multiple industrial areas and that
strives to steadily provide feedback to the local community.
■ Action guidelines
    We strictly comply with the ethical code of conduct as researchers and abide by all laws as we strive to create new opportunities and
  technologies with Hokkaido resident-oriented perspectives, persisting with our aspirations and providing fair and reliable services.

Agricultural Research Department

Fisheries Research Department

  • Central Fisheries Research Institute
  • Hakodate Fisheries Research Institute
  • Mariculture Fisheries Research Institutre
  • Kushiro Fisheries Research Institute
  • Abashiri Fisheries Research Institute
  • Wakkanai Fisheries Research Institute
  • Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Reseach Institute

Forest Research Department

Industrial Technology Research Department

  • Industrial Research Institute
  • Food Processing Research Center

Environmental and Geological Research Department

Building Research Department

  • Northern Regional Building Research Institute

Symbol of the Hokkaido Research Organization

The silhouette represents Hokkaido as a research institute for Hokkaido citizens with a snow crystal symbolizing Hokkaido at the center.
Based on the colors of the Hokkaido flag, dark blue symbolizes the sea and sky of Hokkaido, white expresses splendor and snow, and red indicates an indomitable spirit. The whole shape arranged as two lines pointing in an upper right direction represents the future potential.

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